A great engine. This one sits on Kalfjället north of Lofsdalen in Härjedalen. Has worked completely without problems for about 3 years. The customer is completely blessed.

Stove specialist/Glimek Torbjörn Andersson

Sunaimer with 100W solar cell has been very joyful. Works very well.

Bo Larsson cottage in luleå archipelago.

"Jeg has used SunAimer continuously summer sand
silk 2009 in my Ravege36 seilbåt og it has operated
feil-free in this time.
The boat has a forbruk battery of 115Ah that was
80W solar panel. The load on the battery is a
35l kjøleboks as your constant koblet til og in operation and noe el-utstyr under seil og i havn.
The battery has ikke vist tegn til å vikte og holder spenningen.
Jeg er svært fornøyd med SuinAimer og vill anbefale product
til alle that ønsker on the get more effect out of sine solar cells".

Endre Sjovold, Norwegian sailor

We are very pleased with our SunAimer 80W to the solar panel, it is really effective. 
Has had it since 2008 and it has worked just fine, without any problems whatsoever. In addition, we do not have to have many solar panels on board. This is an incomparable widget and it also fits with camper van and cottage.
Many sailors have become curious and impressed with SunAimer.


Excerpt from Nordic Ladys log 2011 on the way to Hawaii. They have been sailing since 2008.


Thinking about my installation, I'm satisfied. A flat mounted panel is handy.. But sun tracker, quite clearly superior!
To now invest in a mount gps /solar tracking device through several suppliers on the market for +35.000SEK feels in our case less necessary... 

Tested today several variants between fixed /new panel directly directed towards the sun... Jeez!
We're talking early Sept. & a 40W panel delivers more, (x2) Ah than a flat mounted 165w panel at 10:00 a.m. 17.30! 

1. Sunaimer & the whole idea is ingeniously simple, therefore also financial winning!
2. Taking down/setting up the panel gives an oxå the advantage that the panel is always clean!
3. Weighs KPL under 10Kg mounted & ready

Magnus Svantesson writes
Excerpt from the Motorhome Club's discussion about solar panels.