Sunaimer SA-1 on camper van or caravan

Sunaimer SA-1 is very well suited for caravans and mobile homes.
The usual practical installation flat on the roof is very inefficient.
Sunaimer is mounted on a pole in the back of the car. See pictures.

When travelling, the solar panel is easily removed with a pc M6 screw. The solar panel is placed in the garage or in a bed while driving.

Sunaimer and tubes remain mounted. A protective bag is threaded over Sunaimer. Note that Sunaimer sticks up about 40 cm above the ceiling, but in this solution it can be shot down.

Mounting: If there is a ladder.

At the rear of the caravan is mounted a 45 mm stainless steel pipe horizontally. The pipe should be about 2 meters high and stick up 40 cm above the roof of the caravan. Here the pipe can be lowered during the journey when the panel is removed.

Sunaimer is mounted at the top of the pipe. The wiring is pulled through the tube and further into the trolley. Sunaimer has a connector for its 12 volts. Make sure the solar panel is equipped with a connector as well.