Cottages and holiday homes

Sunaimer is well suited for cottages and holiday homes that do not have the electricity.


Find a suitable place where you see the sun all day from morning to evening. Also keep in mind that the distance between the solar panel and the batteries should not exceed about 10 meters. The longer the distance, the more expensive cables you have to have. Fit a 45 mm tube (anodized aluminum) horizontally. The tube should be about 2 meters high and stick about 70 cm above the roof ridge. The pipes are attached in two places. Suitable pipes and fasteners can be found in an antenna store.


Sunaimer is mounted at the top of the pipe. The wiring is pulled through the tube. With Sunaimer comes a 4 m long cable. If it needs to be spliced, try to do this indoors. The length of this cable is not critical. Standard power cable 2*0.75 square meters can be used.

If the solar panel is to be used all year round, adjust the sun height 1 to 2 times in autumn and 1 to 2 times in the spring with the mitten screw.

If it is difficult to access the solar panel, you can buy a solar height engine. This adjustment will then be done automatically on a weekly basis.