Sunaimer SA-1 on boat

On sailboats, the SA-1 can always be mounted. On high-speed motorboats or motorhomes, it may be advisable to dismantle Sunaimer while driving. It is done easily with a st M6 bolt and takes a few minutes.

Aft on the boat is mounted a 45 mm stainless steel tube horizontally. Suitable height can be about 2 meters high.

The tube is attached to the rail using 2 custom flat irons and 2 stainless steel 50 mm jumpers. On top of the pipe is threaded another pipe on the 2-meter pipe. This tube fits the steel tube and can twist.

The point of this is that you can turn Sunaimer towards north-south. See manual.
Sunaimer is mounted on the swivel tube. The wiring is pulled through the tube. Sunaimer has a connector for its 12 volts. Make sure the solar panel is equipped with a connector as well. Then you can easily lift off the solar panel if necessary.